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Standard and ActiveX Projects

Standard and ActiveX .exe projects: A Beginnerís Guide


  1. Overview
  2. Standard and ActiveX Projects
  3. 2.1 What is a standard exe application
    2.2 Standard EXE Usage
    2.3 What is an activeX EXE application
    2.4 ActiveX exe Usage
    2.5 Compare Standard and ActiveX projects

  4. Develop an ActiveX EXE file, with an example
  5. Develop a Standard EXE file, with an example
  6. Interacting with ActiveX exe from Standard exe and vice versa.
  7. Appendix Ė sample project code


This beginnerís guide deals with the fundamental aspects of developing a standard exe file, as well as an AactiveX EXE file. We also demonstrate the techniques for interacting between Standard EXE and ActiveX EXE programs by passing parameter values. Screenshots are provided for ease of understanding the concepts involved. Code for the examples used in this tutorial is provided in the appendix. It is recommended to have some prior working experience with VB6 applications programming before proceeding with this tutorial.

Standard and ActiveX Projects

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