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2.Calculation of Transmit antenna gain  

1. Antenna diameter: Diameter of parabolic reflector antenna is referred as antenna diameter. It is denoted by D 

2. Antenna efficiency: Antenna efficiency is the ratio of input power to the radiated power of the antenna. It is denoted by 'h'. The value of h lice between 0.55 to 0.73.

3.Antenna gain GT: The isotropic power gain of the antenna, GT, is defined as the power density in the maximum direction, denoted here by PD,to the power density archived by a 100% efficient isotropic radiator.


                           PT is the total power radiated.
         Antenna gain in GT  = 10 log (p2D2h/(l2*100))
                                            = 10 log (p2D2h/((C/f)2*100))
                                             =10 log (p2D2h/((3/10*f)2*100))
                                             =10 log (p2D2h/(3/f)2)(dB)..[2]

Example    Calculation of the gain of a 3.80-m parabolaidal antenna operating frequency of 6.175 G Hz  & aperture efficiency of 0.55

Hence GT=45.21 dB 

Uplink Path Loss Transmit EIRP
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