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8.Calculation of receiver antenna gain

1. Antenna diameter   Diameter of parabolic reflector antenna is referred as antenna diameter. It is denoted by D.

2.Antenna efficiency   Antenna efficiency is the ratio of input power to the radiated power of the antenna. It is denoted by h. The value of h lice between 0.55 to 0.73.

3.Antenna gain GR   The isotropic power gain of the antenna, GT, is defined as the power density in the maximum direction, denoted here by PD ,to the power density archived by a 100% efficient isotropic radiator.
                           PTis the total power radiated.
            Antenna gain in GR (dB) = 10 log (p2D2h(l2*100))
                                                   = 10 log (p2D2h/((C/f)2*100))
                                                   =10 log (p2D2h/((3/10*f)2*100))
                                                    =10 log (p2D2h/(3/f)2)(dB)[12]

ExampleCalculation of the gain of a 3.8-m parabolaidal antenna operating frequency of 3.95G Hz & aperture efficiency of 0.55
                                        GR=10 log (p2D2h/(3/f)2)
                                             =41.33 dB                

Downlink Path Loss Reciever G-by-T
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