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Nanotechnology products Some future nanotechnology medical product ideas

10. Major achievements of Nanotechnology:

The major achievements of nanotechnology are much talked about and even more is expected from them in future. Nanoscience has emerged as a scientific discipline over the past several years. It developed as part of chemistry, physics and biology before it broke away as a branch of its own. It continues to make widespread use of the natural sciences.

Development work still at an early stage

Not all business activity in nanotechnology needs to be directly connected to nanoscience, since new applications can be transferred into everyday use without rediscovering the wheel. Just as in the case of window glass, achievements in nanotechnology will be exploited in products that already exist. These can be made smaller, for example, or engineered to consume less energy. "The majority of people will never be able to distinguish the subtleties of nanotechnology, because they're hidden inside the equipment", a comment.

Nanotechnology products Some future nanotechnology medical product ideas

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