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Surface Mount Technology
SMT Net Contain SMT Forum, Buyers Guides, surface mount technology Process Guides, Exhibition Calendar, SMT Failure Library and Technical Papers about lead free soldering etc., Dictionary, list of SMT Books, solder paste testing, reflow soldering in nitrogen etc.
SMTA.org The Surface Mount Technology Association - An association of SMT professionals.
Electronic Assembly Reliability
www.ansi.org American National Standards Institute
www.reliasoft.com/ Provides reliability analysis software, training, consulting and services for reliability engineering and related fields.
RF & SatCom
www.satcomresources.com Satellite Communications, and link budgeting.
rf design  RFDesign.info provides news, products, and manufacturers of rf and wireless products and services.
Computers and Software
PracticallyNetworked.com Computer Networking
www.examguides.com IT certification exam notes
SimulationExams.com Certification Preparation Exams
CertExams.com Router and Network Simulator

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