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Home Introduction to Satellite Phones

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Cellular Phones


1. Introduction to Cellular Phones

             a.  Hardware

                                                 i.      Processors in Mobile phones

                                                ii.      Memory in Mobile phones

                                               iii.      Battery life in Mobile phones

                                               iv.      Mobile phone screen

                                                v.      Keypads



b.   Mobile phone Operating Systems

                             i.      Apple iOS

                            ii.      Google Android

                            iii.     Microsoft Windows phone 7

                            iv.     Nokia Symbian

                            v.      BlackBerry OS

                           vi.      Bada OS

2.        Wireless Network Technologies

a.       GSM (Global System For Mobile Communication)

b.       CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access)

c.        iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network)

3.        Cell phone Technologies

a.        1G

b.        2G

c.        2.75G (GPRS)

d.        3G (EDGE)

e.        3.5G (UMTS)

f.         4G (HSDPA)

4.       Features

a.        Camera in mobile phones

b.        Accessing internet from mobile phones

c.        VoIP

d.        Applications

                                 i.      Office Document Support

                                ii.      Tools

e.        Interfaces-wired

                                 i.      USB interface

                                ii.      HDMI

f.        Interface-wireless

                                  i.      Wi-Fi

                                 ii.      Bluetooth

                                iii.      Infrared

g.        Call management

h.        Audio/Video formats in mobile phones

i.         Single SIM v/s Dual SIM mobile phones

j.         Lost cell phone tracking

5.        Features-physical

a.        Electrical specifications

b.        Form factor and weight

      6.         References


Home Introduction to Satellite Phones
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