Satellite Systems An Introduction
The article talks different types of satellite systems used, and definition of various terms. Important features including satellite look angles have been explained.

Satellite Two-way Link Budgeting
The tutorial provides a step-by-step approach to computing satellite link budget. The calculations make some assumptions, and applicable to geo-stationary satellites. Formulae have been provided for calculating uplink and downlink EIRP, G/T, bit error rate (Eb/No).

Tools - Satellite Link Budget Calculator
Once a communications satellite is in orbit, how will you know antenna diameter required for reception/transmission of signals from/to satellite? Not only antenna diameter, other things like transmit power/receiver sensitivity are also important. The article provides a comprehensive notes on the calculation of available link margin by providing uplink and downlink parameters such as Uplink/Downlink frequency, antenna diameter, EIRP, G/T, etc. Assumptions apply.

Tools Satellite Look-angle Calculator
A satellite earth station needs to point to the satellite for receiving or transmitting signals. How one will know the look angles of the dish antenna? The tool provides a calculator of satellite earth station azimuth and elevation provided satellite longitude and latitude are given. Again, some assumptions apply.

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