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Uplink Path Loss

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Link Power Budgetting


  1. Calculation of Uplink path loss
    1. Up link frequency
    2. Up link path loss

  2. Calculation of Transmit antenna gain
    1. Antenna Diameter
    2. Antenna efficiency

  3. Calculation of Transmit EIRP (in dB W)&operating FD
    1. Transmit power per carrier
    2. Transmitter feeder loss
    3. Antenna pointing loss
    4. No of carriers
    5. Transmit EIRP
    6. Satellite operating flux density(dB /Sq m)
    7. Amplifier back off
    8. Power rating of ground transmitter

  4. Calculation of uplink carrier to noise ratio
    1. Up link rain attenuation (dB)
    2. Satellite G/T (dB/k)

  5. Calculation of satellite downlink-EIRP
    1. Saturated EIRP (dB W)
    2. Saturated EIRP Watts
    3. Saturation FD
    4. Output back off
    5. Input back off
    6. Satellite operating downlink EIRP(dB W)
    7. Satellite operating downlink EIRP( Watts)

  6. Calculation of satellite operating band width
    1. In put data rate (Kb/s)
    2. Link over head factor (% Worst case)
    3. FEC rate coding
    4. Bits/Symbol (m)
    5. Effective in put data rate (kbps)
    6. Transmission rate(kbps)
    7. Satellite operating band width (kbps) per carrier

  7. Calculation of down link path loss
    1. Down link frequency

  8. Calculation of receiver antenna gain
    1. Receiver Antenna diameter (m)
    2. Receiver Antenna efficiency (%)
    3. Receiver Antenna gain

  9. Calculation of receiver G/T
    1. Antenna elevation angle deg
    2. Antenna noise temp
    3. Increase in Antenna noise due to rain
    4. LNA noise temp
    5. System noise temp (k)
    6. Receiver G/T (dB/ k)

  10. Calculation of link margin
    1. Down link rain attenuation
    2. Receiver antenna pointing loss
    3. Eb/No required for BER of 1/107
    4. Down link C/No (dB Hz)
    5. Over all down link C/No (dB Hz)
    6. Available Eb/No
    7. Available link margin.
Uplink Path Loss
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