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Link Power Budget - Contents Antenna Gain

Link Power Budgetting

1.Calculation of Uplink path loss

1. Up link frequency Up link frequency is frequency at which Ground Station is communicating with Satellite. For C band up link frequency is in the order of 6 G Hz

2. Up link path loss Up link path loss depend on up link frequency & distance between satellite and ground station.

                         d is the distance between satellite & ground station
                         f is the frequency; C is the velocity of light

Example: Distance between satellite & earth station is d= 37,000 Km
                Up link frequency f= 6.175 G Hz
            uplink loss or free space loss= 10 log(4pi*37000*C/f)2                                                           =  20 log(4pi*37000*C/f)
                                                          =  20log(4*pi*37000*3*108/f)
                                                          =  199.61 dB

Link Power Budget - Contents Antenna Gain
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