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Operating Band Width Reciever Antenna Gain

Link Power Budgetting

7.Calculation of Downlink path loss

1.Down Link frequency   Down link frequency is frequency at which satellite is communicating with ground station. For C band up link frequency is in the order of 4 G Hz , 12 G Hz for Ku band. 

2.Downlink path loss    Down link path loss depend on up link frequency & distance between satellite and ground station.
                                                          d is the distance between satellite & ground station
                                                          f is the frequency of the down link wave
                                                          C is the velocity of the light = 3 x108 m/Sec

                              Here             f is in Giga hertz  

Example : calculate downlink path loss for the satellite located 37000 km far from the earth station and operating 3,950 GHz frequency
                              Down link loss = 20 log (4pd/(3/10*f)
                                                    = 195.73 dB

Operating Band Width Reciever Antenna Gain
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