Computer Based Test Software

Supported Question Types

  • Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]

  • Multiple choice Multi Answer (MCMA) [In plain text, HTML, PDF format]

Configurable exam options

  • Number of questions in the exam (or quiz): The total number of questions that should be available in each Exam

  • Random or sequential: Instructor can select if questions present in the DB should be presented to candidate in sequential or random order. Feature for randomizing of answer options for each question is also available

  • Exam Time : Instructor can set the Time allowed to the candidate for completing the exam

  • Pause Timer: Instructor can allow/deny pausing of the exam timer by the candidate while taking exam.

  • Question Bookmaking: Instructor can allow/deny bookmaking of the questions. Bookmarked questions can be viewed separately during the exam. Candidate can also view ONLY bookmarked questions after the exam.

Reports Engine

Reports Engine

  • The Reports engine provides the exam results at a centralized place and offers exhaustive reporting on the exams including statistics. Exhaustive reports including raking, time analysis, and features like weak areas identification are provided in the reports section of the software.

Services & Controls Engine

  • The services and Controls engine is responsible for proctoring, credentials verification, and other services.