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Example2 for Drag & Drop Type Question

Visual Basic 6 : Drag-n-Drop Tutorial

4.0 Example3 for Drag & Drop Type Question

4.1 Brief Description of Example3

Example 3 is slightly different from Example2.

This example (project) contains Drag & Drop for fill in the blanks type questions.

Also it explains how to display the blank spaces in middle of the question

Here control for answer option is created in the design view as control array (i.e. minimum no. of option given are 12)

These options are dragged and dropped on the required places

Fig9 Design view of the form for Drag & Drop fills in the blanks type questions

In the question two or more blank spaces may contain the same answer.Same answer is stored in the database for this

Observe the below table structure, here AnsSrNo 1 & 2 has the same answer

While giving Answer option to candidate only one option is given

That means duplicate Answer column is omitted.

For this small function is written which checks for duplicate answer colums

Private Function checkforcaption(strcaption As String) As Boolean

Dim i As Integer
checkforcaption = False
For i = 0 To lblansopt.Count - 1
If lblansopt(i).Visible = True And Trim(lblansopt(i).Caption) = strcaption Then
    checkforcaption = True
Exit For
End If

End Function

For more details of coding you can download below zip file (dragdropdemo2.zip) Which gives you the clear idea of the entire project

AnsSrNo Answer AnsRnd AnsSel Qid
1 Pattern 10 0 1
2 Pattern 12 0 1
3 Compile 1 0 1
4 [a][x]+ 8 0 1
5 Matcher 4 0 1
6 p 6 0 1
7 axxaxaxxax 3 0 1
8 m 2 0 1
9 group() 5 0 1

10 start 11 0 1
11 pattern 7 0 1
12 matcher 9 0 1

For example the question stored in the database may be looks as shown below

Import java.io. *;

Class Test


public ** void (** )
Int [] y= {10,20,30,40};
Public static void process (int ** **)
System.out.println (**);


Note: *(star) in the question is for fill in blanks where candidate can drop the correct answer.

To retrieve the question field from table, a query is executed

For this first create a connection object and open the connection using ‘Open’ method

Next create recordset object where you can pass SQL statement to get the required records from particular table.

For Example to retrieve the Question field from table following query is written

 Select Question from table name;

The above query displays all the records of the Question field from specified table.

After retrieving the question field we can bind the value of this field to required control or any variable.

In this project a procedure named displaythequestion is written. In this procedure value of the Question field is assigned to a String variable.

Procedure is written such a way that fist it extracts question, stored in the string variable. And based on the no. of question, control for question is created and question string is displayed in it.

Next it extracts the special character (**) from the question, stored in the string variable and depending on the no. of special character, control for the same is created.

Another procedure  ‘displaythestring’ called inside the ‘displaythequestion’ procedure

Which combines the question with blanks and displays the whole question.

The method or technique used for dragging the control from source to destination is same as Example1. i.e. event procedure used to drag & drop control from source to destination is same.

Extra feature added in this example is Drag Over event of target object

This event is explained below

Private Sub lblsetcorans_DragOver(Index As Integer, Source As Control, X As Single, Y As Single, State As Integer)

If State = 0 Then

lblsetcorans(Index).BackColor = Source.BackColor
ElseIf State = 1 Then
lblsetcorans(Index).BackColor = &HFFC0C0

End If

End Sub

When we drag a source to a target when the mouse pointer is over the taget its backcolor is set to source backcolor with state=0 and when source is dropped to target its color is set back to the original color with state=1

Fig 10 Screen shot for Drag & Drop question Control before dragging to the target

Fig11 Screen shot for Drag & Drop type question control after being dragged to the target

Fig10 shows how control for question, fill in blanks and answer option is displayed

Fig11 is the Screen after the control is dragged and dropped in fill in blanks (i.e. in place of Placeholder)

4.2 Database Design

Fieldname Data Type
Qid Number
Qname Memo
AnsSrNo Number
Answer Memo
AnsRnd Number

AnsRnd Number ‘used to display the answer option randomly to candidateQid Number

4.3 downloadable Zip file

5.0 References

5.1 Msdn Library Visual Studio6.0
5.2 Visual Basic 6 Programming Black Book Steven Holzner

Example2 for Drag & Drop Type Question
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