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Tutorial on : Printers and Scanners

4.Installing And Configuring Printers And Scanners

Both the devices printers and scanners use the same process for installation and configuration. It is a step by step process as given below:

Step 1 : Attach the device using a local or network port and connect the power

The device is to be set up on a flat stable surface first after which it is to be connected to host computer with its power off or to the network. Once this is done, connect power to it using power adapter that comes with it or with A/C power cord if the device has built-in power supply and finally the device is to be turned on.

Step 2 : Install and Update the Device driver and calibrate the device

Boot up the computer and wait for it to recognize the device and the wizard that appears helps in the configuration process of driver for printer/scanner or CD-ROM that comes with the device can be inserted which guides through the device driver installation procedure.

The device functions once the driver is installed but some devices such as inkjet printers or scanners require to calibrate the device.

Calibration is the process by which a device is brought within functional specifications.

Step 3 : Configure options and default settings

Once the driver is installed, default settings and options for printers and scanners can be configured as required.

Step 4 : Print/scan a test page

Once all the steps above are completed, can test the output of printer/scanner by printing a test page. Windows has a built-in function for doing this.

Scanners are required to run the scanning software and place a single page on the scanner and press scan button and see that the scanned output on the PC is correct.

Printers and Scanners Interfaces Printers and Scanners Troubleshooting

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